Quitting The Course

If you decide that affiliate marketing isn’t for you, you can quit the course anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are just a month into the course, or six months along your learning path. You just go to the page “I wish to quit the course” and fill out the form you’ll find on the page.

Once we have received it, you will be scheduled to exit the lessons and website access capabilities effective at the end of the current month that you are paid up for. For instance, if you have paid your $20 tuition for the month of June, and the day you quit it’s the 15th of June, your access will be cancelling on June 30th and you won’t be charged for July or beyond.

Returning to the course

If you decide to return to the course, say in September, no problem, Just signup, pay the September tuition of $20 and you are back in. HOWEVER: You will be starting over, not from where you left off in June. So, if you decide to quit at any point, think on it for a day or two, so you are sure you want to, or is it just some frustration at the moment. Maybe it’s something we can help you with. If so, contact us and tell us your frustration and let us help you get past the problem.