Mastering Affiliate Marketing

marketing via affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is probably the most powerful and easily available business model you can use to create your online income. Each year billions is paid to affiliates as partners in the sale of goods and services.

It’s probably true that 95% of online marketers started out by selling affiliate products. Unfortunately, it’s also true that there are only 10 out of every 1,000 online marketers are able to make a living online promoting affiliate products. Why? Because most new comers have no clue how to build their business online so it creates a sustainable future.. They focus on sell/promote, sell/promote, and sell/promote. There is so much more to the affiliate marketing business, in fact any successful business.

But, if you are ready to make money and build a sustainable online business with affiliate marketing, then this course will get you started on the right path. It’s 30 lessons (one lesson every 3rd day for three months), plus there’s a lot of additional information for members available at You’ll be up and beginning your earning process in about two weeks because the first lessons 12 lessons make sure you have an online presence that is where you promote products from.

Chuck picture - I come from a long and very successful career in broadcasting. First on the air for 20 years, then into management and finally running large broadcast companies in Canada and the U.S. But my underlying secret was my passion for marketing and creative promotion. In this course, which is free to our members, we will discuss the nitty-gritty of course, but focus on the marketing and promotion that make affiliate marketing work.

I started online in 1993, almost at the beginning of the public internet, and moved into online affiliate marketing in 1995/96. My first affiliate promotions were with music CD’s, flowers, eBay and books through Amazon. People say “books through Amazon?” Yes, back then, that’s what Amazon sold.

I’ve taken what I learned over the last 25-26 years, and built it into this course.

Again, the course is free to members and much additional information is available as long as you are a member. However, I use a reminder system for those taking the course. You will receive an email every second day with the start of a lesson which is online and you can access the material. This way you don’t have to self-discipline to work on it daily because I remind you. Each lesson is about an hour long. There’s a total of 30 lessons, and you can go back and review as often as you wish.

If you are a member, and wish to take the Affiliate Marketing eCourse, signup here. Not yet a member, then join here

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