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The most often question asked is “what do I blog about?


Although we give them several general ideas, the one that seems to catch the most attention is hobby blogging.   Almost everyone has a hobby, while some of super passionate about their hobby and know a ton about it. For them, blogging about their hobby is an excellent opportunity.

This is specially true if you are also interested in building a big blog and making some money from that blog. Thus, before you start a blog, you should ask yourself why you are even considering writing a blog. Sometimes a reason such as I need something to do can lead to a great blog, but possibly, not probably.

Probably is having a lot to say about something. We’ll pick hobby blogging for this examples. Some reasons you might blog…

• You love to talk about your hobby
• You can help others with the same hobby
• You can review/comment on various products for your hobby
• You won’t run out of ideas to write about in your hobby
• You’ll show passion about your hobby and importantly in your writing

I could go on, but you get the idea. If you plan to make some money from your blog, then you must ask if you can direct your readers to a good source of the products so they can enjoy not only your blog posts, but the merchants who supply the hobby.

Can you write about your hobby and help your readers solve problems. How-to blogs do incredibly well. Darren Rouse in Australia started a blog called Digital Photography School and it has grown to such an extent he started ProBlogger and many other blogging assets. Making him a millionaire blogger in the process.

You never know where blogging will take you. If you make great posts that help other, and incorporate content marketing – producing educational content – with the goal of helping people improve their lives; to arm them with as much information as possible so they make informed purchases. You could easily follow Darren’s path to success.

Content marketing is not promotional content.

Work by the 80/20 rule when creating content, 80% of your content should be focused on educating your audience!

Only 20% of your content should be focused at selling them.

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