Embarrassing Niches

One of the ways to make money online is to specialize in providing information about “embarrassing niches.” So, what are embarrassing niches? Let’s look at 10 or 11 in no particular order of importance.

• Constipation       • Wind       • Jock itch       • Dandruff
• Head lice       • Man boobs       • Restless legs       • Memory problems
• Belly button discharge       • Crab lice       • Toenail infection

IM-NOT-EMBARRASSED    I’m sure you recognize some of these, but there are lots and lots of embarrassing niches to highlight and it doesn’t take much research to determine many of them.

One or several of these niches can become your track to a nice income without much work. Why? Because people are people and people don’t like talking about their embarrassing problems in public. So in the privacy of their home, they scour the internet for the best ways to solve their problems.

You can be one of those that help. If you work at it, you can be the main one that helps someone solve their “embarrassing” problem.

I am sure that you can find the answer to solving their problem, and that there is a a product or service that will help this person. Now you check all of the places that have the products or services and you make a list of those that allow affiliates. Bingo, your connection to providing a service and making money.

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