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What Is A Blog?

“Blog” is a shortened version of “weblog” which is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order. In other words, the latest posts appear first, at the top. The Blog platform is where someone or a group shares their views and knowledge on a subject.

But there is another type of blog that has very little to do with an online journal. It’s the informational part of a website. The information that keeps the reader up-to-date on all aspects of the category of business or products that the website/business is about. This website/blog focuses on this type of blog.

Today, there are more than 500 million blogs on the web (about 25% of all the websites in the world). The number of bloggers in USA alone is near 31 million and more than a million blog posts are posted daily. In Canada, we are a less populated country than our neighbor the U.S., but we tend to be more connected, and blog more, by population.

Although the WordPress platform is the leading platform software of all the variety of platforms that are used, only about 60 million blogs currently use the WordPress platform. All of the rest of the blogs are split among all the coding languages on the web.

Who started the blogging trend?

It’s generally agreed that a fellow by the name of Justin Hall who owns the site He created an “online journal” in 1994 and it is still going today, 26 years later. In 2004 the dictionary Merriam-Webster, proclaimed blog as the word of the year.

Do bloggers make money?

First, let’s remember that most bloggers are simply having fun and their blogs are not up for very long. So they don’t make any money or almost no money. About 10-15% of all bloggers make any effort to make money with blogging. The vast majority of these bloggers make less than $800 a month. Now for a lot of people that amount is great. It pays all their expenses (except their time) for blogging.

But, there are some that make big money, like $500,000 and even a million dollars a year. So yes, it is possible that you can make money blogging.

Types of Blogs and Bloggers

It is now more than a quarter of a century since blogging began. A lot has changed and so have blogs.

Personal Blogs
These are bloggers that express their ideas and beliefs on virtually every subject possible. Personal blogs about fashion, fitness, food, travel, do-it-yourself, politics, music, lifestyle, sports, finance, parenting, mountain climbing, and on it goes. You get the idea.

Business Blogs
In most cases business blogs are purposed to accumulate traffic (visitors to their website), exposure and bring new clients to their businesses. So they are focused on their business, what it provides and gathering a mailing list.

Niche Blogs
These have come to be known as blogs that target a single topic and because of that they have become quite profitable. They don’t attract millions of people, only those that need very specific information of a “niche” within a larger topic. For instance a blog about how to build a wine cabinet that helps to keep the wine in the right condition, would be a niche blog.

Income Blogs
Their sole purpose is to make money. They probably are selling something as the main purpose of the blog, rather than the owner of the blog using it as a form of a personal journal.

Photo, vLogging, Podcasting.
These are versions of blogs, just altering the medium slightly.

There are probably more variations, but simply put you can blog with a keyboard, a video camera or a microphone. You must invest your time, and a lot of time if you want to greally grow your blog. The average time for writing a blog post has gone from 2:24 hours to 3:28 hours in the last 4 or 5 years. Equally important, the length of a post has gone fom 800 to 1150 words on average.

Is There A Future In Blogging?

Absolutely. In fact it appears that there is a really bright future for bloggers. Many authors, inspired by other bloggers, have and are turning their writing into a profession. Evergreen content is probably the most accessed content. This is content that is relevant over time. Also, updating your content on a regular basis is important. This help to boost traffic and improve SEO.

It appears that storytelling style of blog writing is the most popular. Using social media to blog rather than traditional blog platforms is also becoming very important. After all, no one said you have to use a blog system instead of a social media system.

Bottom line folks is that blogs are here to stay. They are such a powerful tool that politicians and celebrities use them to improve their visibility. There’s no questions that we’ll be welcoming the 1 billionth blog before you know it.

Although we discuss and assist in most of the type of blogging and bloggers, our focus is to provide an important service to business, looking to use blogs and specific keyword rich domains to accumulate more traffic (visitors to their website), exposure and bring new clients to their businesses. So they are focused on their business, what it provides and gathering a mailing list.

Next, learn about our service to create business blogs to bring more visitors to your site through separate unique blogs.